A tune


Move Apart


I guess it’s holiday season… Otherwise i would not see any reason for the lack of responses.
The song sounds really great, any plans to add lead vocals into it?

Wow thanks, I’m really glad you like it.
The story of my life is: Would love to add vocals but don’t know any vocalists. Maybe I will try to make some myself.
In the meantime, if anyone here would like to collaborate I’d be up for that.


ccmixter.org offers a lot of acapella’s people make their own, if there is a kind of voice you like, you can always contact the vocalist personally and see if you can work something out.
For both a win-win regarding portfolio extension.

Personally, I’d like to respond by putting money in your pocket
for the work you’ve done.

I’m horrible at responses, unless if I have no option,
but I’ll give it a go this round.

Intuitively the entire render sounds like you’ve hit
all the marks to make this a classic like Orbital’s Halcyon.
I’m a big fan of cinematic sounds, and I recognize that this
could fit in a film with or without vocals.
Maybe do a fan video of some of your favorite directors
to draw in some attention by like minded folks.

Looks interesting, I will embark on a journey of looking through lots of vocals and then trying to extend my hand to make something happen. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks you so much, this gives me energy to work on something new.
By fan video do you mean that I should mabe get clips from film that I enjoy and cut it together with the music?


Yes. Cut it to your music. You could publish it under your artist name
or a ghost name. Just make sure you state that its a non profit fan video,
or something along those lines. You’ll see some of these statements on youtube,
some more formal than others, some quoting the actual protective law.

I suggested accomplished works such as films
because it already holds people’s search engine attention. It just makes
things easier to get the word out that way. You could make your own too,
have fun with it. Be warned however, dealing with video can be a headache.
It helps to have editors in your circle of friends.

This suggestion is without my full understanding of business,
so take it with a grain of salt or
take it as a “have fun promoting your work” suggestion.

really exceptional piece of music with a lot of character and expression. i agree with previous comments that the tune is virtually crying for vocals of some kind.
besides the really outstanding composition i think you also did a great job on the mastering and sounddesign side of things.
really hard to find anything to complain about - and i was giving my best throughout the various listens ;)


Yeah, overall nice mixing and soundscape. Female vocals would be a great addition.

Great mix. A little too “loud” for my taste, but I know that other people see that differently :D

Update; New track.

Listening to “Obarski” and i love it!!

So I’ve decided to switch from soundcloud to bandcamp in order to maybe generate a little revenue from my composing efforts.
Is there a way to embed the player in our fora here? I’m a bit of an internet thicko so any advice is much appreciated.


Unfortunately not for bandcamp.
The old method i used to allow it to work no longer works.
Perhaps in the future when the board software is updated again.