A Video About A Puppet

track made with renoise… check it yo

I think the music is nice, interesting piece of music, only i don’t think the video fits it that well.

Not that its a bad video or something, only maybe u can use like…thinner strings :P (i couldnt stop looking at them, its a little obvious…Ok and i think that movie could better be used for some happy music or something, its like the music is trying to say something and there you are looking at some happy little puppet dancing around or something…or did i not get what u were trying to do…

edit:soo what i was trying to say, the video distracted me from the song :P

thanks for the feedback weeble!

the puppet has a very serious alcohol problem but would not allow me to film him in the act of consumption… basically the video displays the ups and downs in a typical day of his… waking up in random places and wobbling about the city in a state of punchy bliss.

i wasn’t really trying to do anything… the music was composed in the morning, and i spent the afternoon filming the puppet. Just threw together a silly “art” film and had a blast doing it!

the strings are a part of his body, and he’s not ashamed of his status as a marionette.

thanks again for the criticism… keep your eyes peeled for further puppet adventures!