A Way To Render Effects On A Caputured Vsti?

Hey All,

is there a way to sample a VSTi with effects from the mixer? I’d love to be able to bounce my patch with other effects added…

Kinda cheating way; load the plugin and effects (assuming they are also VSTs) in Chainer.

“Render instrument to Sample” is your only option for this, currently.

we’ve gotta get that happening. More resampling power = :w00t:

Just a note of caution with resampling - the more you do it and the more heavily layered the sound is the more digital fidelity you will loose. It’s a bit like a photocopy of a photocopy situation, but in terms of loosing resolution through truncation error, lack of room to move on the digital grid. Bouncing a VSTi through the plugin-grabber is one thing (great for compos for example) but I’d keep your wet fx separate you can improve the settings of things later.

I know what you’re saying, but can’t some fidelity loss be resolved by oversampling internally? It is an offline render, no?

You know, I tried this out the other night with Omnisphere, and the resampled result was different sounding with a loss in fidelity. I was surprised!

That being said, a great part of resampling is printing effects to your bounce to layer a complex sound. Sure, there’s a certain loss of resolution there, but surely if it sounds good, it is good…

Trust your ears! If it sounds worse, find a different method. Sometimes bouncing tricks work well, other times not, especially with heavier processing.

Oversampling can kill dynamics, for some reason. It can also muck up the top frequencies. I’ve yet to be convinced by the sound of any plugin with an oversampling option.

Interesting point (strokes beard)

Perhaps some thing should not be resampled…