A Way To Switch Back To Default Key Assignments?!

First of all, I’m on a mac here, so bear that in mind please.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t remember the key assignments in renoise being the way they are. for instance, If i want to go to another track in the pattern editor i hit Tab, and if want to solo a track I hit Cmd+. If i want to mute a track I hit , and if I want it to be active, I hit \ again. This is how it’s been for me since 1.8, and it’s so damn relevant to my workflow that it’s really throwing me off! I know I can figure out how to edit the key assignments in the preferences menu, and that’s lovely, but when did this change? It’s kind of pivotal…

Pardon me for complaining (whining?) but I’d love to know if there’s something I can do that allows me to switch it back with one button or something (like a “use earlier version default keys” button or something I’m missing)… instead of going through and remapping the keys every time there’s an update?

I should elaborate. I can solo a track the same way, but when I go to unmute the other tracks, and thus, solo a few tracks, they’re un-muted but they’re off. I want things to be the way they were! When I soloed one track, and tabbed to other tracks, they would unmute and be on (as in - audible) this is strange…

Don’t remember ever seeing such behaviour! There is Auto-Solo Playing Track, where the track your cursor is in is the only one to play but it doesn’t sound like you mean that. If tracks got unmuted as you navigated through them it would be a PITA IMO!

I have a feeling the change you are witnessing is not a difference to the key but the change which has happened to Solo and Mute modes.

Drop-Down Menu -> Options -> Solo/Mute Mode.

Try playing with those two options and see if this helps at all!

That TOTALLY did it!! thanks a TON! Here I think I know renoise so well, and something so simple throws me off! thanks again :)

^ the amazing thing is that kazakore seems to know everything there is to know about Renoise, while at the same time he barely even uses it :)

I work in engineering support, much of which is hoping the phone doesn’t ring, so I read this forum a lot and many of the same issues arise again and again ;)