A Way To Use A Midi Controller To Model Synthes?

i noticed NI was coming out with a controller for doing something like this, using every preset in every NI software.

what im wondering is…

alright, mapping knobs an faders is a real pain in the ass, especially when you use reaktor or vsti’s that have absurb amounts of control.

so , is there or could there be a way to have a midi controller setup to be able to auto assign to the knobs an faders? (i guess i’m just missing the fun i use to have with modeling synthes. it seemed everything could be done within that little 4x1" lcd screen, a few buttons, an a data slider )
i have a bcf2000 an a cme uf5, it would be tuff to be able to have modes that would dictate which parameters where available at any given time, like mode a could be all for controlling oscillators, like linplug albino has a multitude of different waveforms for the oscillators that can be used.
my thought isnt completely thought-out so bear with me. im kinda thinking out loud maybe hoping there is a way ive overlooked.

That’s part of the reason I’m seriously considering picking up a good hardware synth. Everything’s already assigned for you.
That, and I really prefer twiddling knobs by hand.