ABCs ... slam poetry style

Please excuse the title… I didn’t mean to post yet!

This video is awesome

… this accidental posting brings up the following question: How come we can’t edit the titles to our own threads… or at least delete them if there are no following posts yet?

What you want the title to be called?
If you post the title gets fixed. Only preview allows you to change this.
Law of the software actually, nothing personal.

“ABCs … slam poetry style” subtitle: “Freaking amazing”

amen to that,check the post i just made,its meant to say films,lol

Wish granted.

My GF does slam poetry. I’ve actually “accidentally” competed in the national poetry slam in chicago in 2003… Because one of her team didn’t show up so they drafted me. Ha

It’s a goodie. Now all he has to do is put it to a beat and you’ve got adequate hiphop.

This one’s just as impressive: