Ability To Rate And Label Songs From Right Mouse Meny

Well, not really important but shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

Ability to rate songs with any amount of stars, and then sort by rating in the discop.

And ability to label songs as finished or work in progress etc. (ofcourse one can name them)

Ability to sort songs by genre.

Nah this suggestion feels almost to unimportant so never mind this. But in 15 years time when Renoise has everything…Then take this and add it…

Prefix your filename with asterix (replace * with a valid character, maybe #)

  • Song 1
    ** Another Song
    ***** My Best song

…that will sort.

I’ll be very happy when renoise allows to drag and drop files move them between directories. You can use the rename function to move files, but that’s a bit cumbersome.

Why? Renoise reads (a bit of) each file anyway, so why shouldn’t it be able to look at some metadata (author for example, or duration(!)) while it’s at it?

.zip allows for file comments of variable size, so yes, go nuts :D