Ability To Use User Created Objects Within The Gui

say for instance there was a way to add certain user created functions to renoise that are non-vst, such as a laptop power widget or like bantai wrote a mini chat widget.
theres alot of things i can think of that would be really nice to be able to implement into renoise, so many that it could possibly get to the point of not ever having to leave renoise.

like a calculator for instance

the idea i guess would be to use the already wiikiid interface but be able to add more tabs (user defined tabs) to the rows of tabs already used

true i’m one of those customization freaks
i have my camo skin but thats as far as i want to go until i know 1.5 is stable

i know some could think “whats the point since you dont have to run renoise in full screen.”
but that is the point, i believe renoise to be at its best in full screen

i guess to go further with my idea, a way to implement such things like firefox, notepad, gaim or trillian , a calculator, laptop power levels, even a command prompt, cd -burning your output? …of course this would all depend on your system and whether or not you could or would want to run multiple applications inside renoise’s interface…

so my guess would be to use some type of wrapper that would keep the user created object or wrapped program inside the interface but allow it to use its resources that it needs to be able to function without having to go through renoise to get them, so then if any one of them would act up ctl+shift+Esc = kill the malevolent small program -and not renoise-

anyway i guess this could and would be even better and more professional if i would have plugged in more professional programs/widgets like for instance audio programs that are not vsts such as soundforge or even imagine using a host that is controlling renoise like logic inside renoise’s interface?
just for example
not saying i would ever think of such a thing… :P

this idea in someways possibly stem from using aston desktop & linux for toooo long.

An then you & i start to imagine the world, inside of Renoise.