Ableton Link Transport Sync Problem (Missing Start/Stop Sync in Renoise)

Do you need to download rewire to use it? The original problem I encountered was that I could not find it available to download anywhere… :frowning:

Your software has to support it. If it doesn’t, you can’t implement it yourself.

so can we get a start stop please? It really doesnt make sense to me that its not there by default.
Please lets go there

please add this, i need it really bad and im a little frustrated that i cant

i d like to do a very small setup with two cheapass surface pro 5 synced with ableton link. its more than just a simple start/stop machine.
when its started you can change instruments on the fly without (so far my experiencee^^) being interupted - as long as the network code or the drivers is stable.
so in fact you can jam with differrent software synths on the fly. which includes drum software.
makes no sense to hold it back.

+1 for start stop, Ableton Link seems pretty useless without it, I can just type in the bpm to be the same if I wanted that sort of sync functionality?

edit: the free internal midi port works pretty well for syncing


Hey, new user here! I just did the same after playing with the demo for a day. Never used a tracker before but got excited and I just assumed it had the start/stop function available so I bought it without trying it! I thought it would be nice to have Bitwig, Renoise and my MPC One all synced up properly. I know it’s no rewire and not perfect but I’ve not had any problems with it yet with my other bits (inc Ableton) This would be a major for me so I can use the best of both programs without the headaches of using midi clock start/stop, which can be enough of a headache sometimes with the few HW synths I have running with MC. Please enable this feature. I’m no software engineer but isn’t it just enabling a feat that’s already available in Ableton Sync? Maybe I’m wrong and there’s a lot more to it? Kurt