Ableton Rewired To Renoise?

ableton can slave to logic, and reason and slave to renoise, but i just tried slaveing albeton to renoise and got confused.

i opened renoise, then opened ableton, but albeton said rewire client detected and wouldnt work, yet ableton live showed up in the rewire input device in renoise. why doesnt it work?

maybe it just doesnt.

You have to add a rewire device to a track in renoise and set it to Ableton Live before launching Live.

I never tried to do that, but i’m curious about why you would want to rewire ableton to renoise rather than the more popular opposite way.

When I do it, it’s because I want to control my midi gear via Renoise.

yeah, basically i wanted to try out routing ideas. thought i’d route some audio from ableton into renoise to try modulating some effects with the lfo plugin in renoise.

gonna try now.