Ableton's Scale Midi Effect Plug In Equivalent

is there an equivalent plug in out there similar to Ableton’s Scale? This is what it does: “The ‘Scale’ effect, for instance, forces incoming notes onto a chosen musical scale”

anything similar to this out there not from ableton?

let me know.


no one? no such equivalent thing around? is there a way to get the Live’s plugins working in another DAW like renoise?

there are some tools that do that but they send out midi and renoise can’t handle that at this moment. a work around could be to use energyxt, usine or bidule and do your midi routing inside them. though it’s a bit limited as it doesn’t enable you to send midi to other renoise tracks. it’s still a nice solution for now.

cool. thx for the answer. a work around was that I found a good soul that created scenes with all scales for Padkontrol. So, for example, you’d load a C major on the padkontrol and bang away without being out of the scale.

Cool for those that don’t play the piano like me. :D Thx again for the help.