About Renoise Sound Cuality Since V1.20

Hi eveyone,

nobody have noticed that v1.20 sounds much much better than version 1.25, 1.26 and 1.261??!!!

Playing with v1.20, all sounds are more cristalline, more clear…
I think that 1.25, 1.26 and 1.261 version are cutting high frecuencies

Nobody have noticed it?
Test it please:
Load same song in v1.20 and v1.25/1.26/1.261 and listed for the high frecuencies

you will notice that in v1.25/1.26/1.261 high frecuencies seem cutted!!!

this problem will be solved in 1.27 version?

i think the problem is in the filter. old filter has few bugs which may cause full sound crash and taktik had to rewrite the whole filter to fix it, so, now there is a difference in sound of old and new filter. but maybe there are more reasons…

Might have to do with this topic.

Quoted from the above topic (regarding 1.27 RC1)::