About User Manual

Hello, i want to know if there is a “only new changes-User Manual.pdf” from the previous release version to a new renoise version.

i mean a PDF with only the new changes in the text of the User Manual(by example from renoise 2.6 to 2.7).

I want this because I printed the 2.6 User Manual, and it is a bit tedious to search all the changes in the User Manual from one release to another.

thanks in advance.

Any new adjustments are added into the following manual and made available in both PDF and digital to the public. I generally print one at Staples for $30.00 every 2 issues. Nice to have around in a workbook setting for changes or addition of notes for shortcuts etc.



then, it is possible to have this version of the new changes in a PDF?

I guess that you don´t have to do more work because you have this already done. You already have the new text prepared for integration into the old manual, and you remove the old sections and put the new ones.

You only have to put all this new text in a PDF.

Will be available soon - not later than with the final 2.8 release.
Most content for 2.8 already got updated in the wiki http://tutorials.renoise.com, but a there might be some more tweaks and small fixes needed for this release.

I think he means he wants a download of Changes Only, not the full manual. As far as I know this doesn’t exist (and merging the two together would be a bit of a pain.)

Or at least a List Of Changes, similar to the Release Notes for each version of the software, so you can check the changes in the manual.

yes i mean this, a PDF with the user manual (with the changes only). sorry by my english.

if they write the text for the new features, and later they use the last user manual available (in this case the 2.7 manual), and replace the old parts (than don´t make sense for the 2.8 version because they had changed) by the new and updated parts, and put it in the 2.8 renoise version,…they can simply “paste” these text for the new features in an empty PDF file and upload it for us too.

Maybe this is not smart enough method though;

Already we have the What’s New page. http://www.renoise.com/release-notes/280
So you can convert it to pdf files by some free web services. (for example: http://www.web2pdfconvert.com/)

Isn’t this enough? :huh:

it is only an “overview” and not the full explanation of these new features…

By example, in the 2.7 version, the “Pattern Matrix” takes 4 pages in the user manual. Pattern Matrix had changed in 2.8 version and you must to update this 4 pages, maybe changing some part of the text, or changing and adding new text, etc.

then, coping and pasting the whole “Pattern Matrix” section in an empty PDF is right.

I want an “updated” (printed) user manual, without the need to print all 200+ pages again (the ink cost a lot of money).

if you change by example one line in the 19.2 section of the old manual, then coping the whole 19.2 section with this changes is right. i don´t know if you have to change 120 pages in the 2.7 user manual to get the 2.8 user manual, if it is so, then it is not worth the effort.

only let me know if you have to change a lot of pages.

The PDF manual is simply an exported version of the wiki at http://tutorials.renoise.com

When we add/edit information in the manual, it usually involves many small changes to various different pages. A paragraph of text might be tweaked to include some new details, or an image might be replaced with an updated version, etc. It’s a very gradual and organic process that takes place over time, rather than simply being “here are the old pages” vs “here are the new pages”.

The 2.8 release notes can give you an overview of the main stuff that has changed. Hopefully you can use this to find stuff in the manual that is important to you.

If you really want to see a detailed list of what has changed on the Tutorials wiki, you can view this link:

It’s not pretty ;) … but it does show exactly which pages were changed, which information got updated, etc.

ok thanks, this is not the way that I was thinking that you update the user manual. i will try to update the printed pages that i need and the features that i will use only.


There isn’t really another way either. Most software developers simply change the manual from the old version to the new one. If there are really important notices to mention seperately in a new version because known workflow is seriously affected, these kind of things will be reported exclusively and in detail in a dedicated topic.
So far for 2.8 there aren’t that any changes of this magnitude.