Absynth 4 missing but 5 installed

Hi guys, im digging Out a lot of Old files atm.
My problem is that at the Time i was using absynth 4 and Kontakt 4 etc.
Now renoise Keeps saying that those Plugs r missing which is only partly right, because i have versions 5 or newer installed.

When i just replace them, they wont load the right patches or samples, just the Default.

Is there Any Way to Trick renoise to load absynth 5 when its looking for 4?


Maybe rename the plugins, re-scan plugin list from Renoise and open the original song-files?

Yes, because often newer versions of the plugins are not downwards compatible with the parameter streams supplied for the newer plugins.
There are always tricks to try and force a new plugin swallow the parameters from an older version, but then this also comes with the risk that the plugin or even Renoise may crash.

the method (win):

  • make a backup
  • open the files with 7z, winrar, etc.
  • open song.xml in an (text/xml)editor
  • search for the old vst name ex: “Absynth_4” or sth.
  • replace all entries by the new name (write it exactly as shown by renoise [when loaded])
  • save it and try

btw: i dont think you can rename the dlls, because of init. scan by the service- center task.