Absynth And Fm7 Different Sounds

how do i use one vst like fm7…and use different sounds in my song without opening another fm7 vst ? :(


If you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about, give this tutorial page a quick read:


Specifically, pay attention to the description of how to use aliases for VST instruments.

i think so , i wanna use different vst instruments without opening new ones anyways…

maan i checked that out , couldnt get it to work…
maybe absynth would be easier example to tutor with?
thanx man let me know if u know anymore advice


believe me, it works :)

you can also use program change messages to switch from a sound to another

:( :( i tried it maan before i posted…ive tried in the other versions of renoise…
so i decided to buy it …and it still doest work… i must be doing something wrong man, ive followed the instructions for vsampler3demo to every detail…
i even tried using the pc keyboard instead of usb midi controller …nothings working,…im getting frustrated :(" :( :( :(