Absynth Envelopes

Absynth envelopes are not lining up correctly in Renoise, If I want a synced envelope to loop in 4 beats…I’m having to set the envelope to 3 instead. It seems like Absynth always skips the first beat in Renoise…I tried the same thing in Ableton and it works perfectly. Anyone else having this problem? It almost seems like Renoise and Absynth are playing back at 2 completely different tempos. I will try and upload some screenshots to show.

Nevermind! I just figured out it was because I had ticks per line set to 12 by default…16 works perfectly. :rolleyes:
Is it possible to delete this thread?

Surely TPL should not break something like this though! Still seems like a Bug to me as should work whatever settings you are using.

Sounds indeed like a bug, a very major one as well, there are lots of missing notes and synchronisation issues, if these can all be related to the TPL setting, this could fix a lot of issues.