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I don’t know where to post for help. I am attempting to make a good dnb song. But I need all the harsh and bitter criticism I can get.
But I am concerned about making a good fast basic drum loop. I know layering plays a good part but its not moving the way I want. Its kinda dead. So I think since I am using Renoise, maybe you guys can help.

Warning I still kinda suck at making music.

Here is an example of how I want my drums or sound to move
Maybe its more than just drums.


its not only layering, you also have to use eqs to get out the best of every single snare. in your tune, the snare is to muddy i think, add some high-mid frequencies.
another thing i allways do, is parallel compression on drums! if you don`t know how to do that, i can make a small example maybe.

I didnt use any compression at all yet. I forgot how parallel compression works, an example would be nice.

okay, i can do this tomorrow, have no time atm.

You definitely have the foundation of a solid track. The bassline sounds great. But as kasmo said, EQ and compression will help your drums get that added punch they need.

sorry for the delay :)

here is the parallel compression xrns, hope this will work for you.
done in renoise 2.5b6




Thanks I will take this into consideration. But I think I am going to trash this track though. Might rebuild it later sometime in the future maybe.