Accurate Midi Timing

hi all! i have the follow situation:

MOTU traveler’s MIDI OUT ----> KORG ER1mkII’s MIDI IN whit a 1,5m MIDI Cable…
at 128samples it works ok but isn’t the best performance in timing… 32samples is best but there are audio crack e click…
if I use a short midi cable (30cm) for example, MIDI transfer is better?
i want to use traveler’s WDM driver for “more accurate timing” but I don’t find this driver in audio/midi setup!
anyone use a motu traveler and help me?

do you thing that I use a Elektron turbomidi, the situation will change in positive?

please help me!!

The length of a Midi cable shouldn’t be a problem. I use both a 1 and 6 meter cables and it is no difference.

You can try adjusting the delay parameter, in the midi instrument settings, to a negative value. I always has it set to -36 ms when I use hardware midi instruments.

the less the samples, the more CPU is required, so less latency requires better CPU

From the look of the update info this MME suggestion does not apply to external MIDI controlers in general but merely applies to specific MIDI gear and / or specific soundcards (that have no or lousy WDM drivers)
So not ironically but probably misread by the user that responded to the thread.