Ach So

And I’m goin there to work, actually!
Used Renoise as my live sound tool in a play (H. Ibsens “A Dolls House”, we were critically acclaimed and even awarded! Holy cow!) last year, we’re going to repeat that and perform in Stavanger, Norway in a couple of weeks. First, practice in Berlin as the director lives there.

Anybody resident in Berlin who might want to show me the cool shit while I’m there? :)

Oh, and 1.8 is damn near brill for controlling big amounts of sounds on stage on a keyboard! The way I work is I set up say 49 samples in one instrument, make a drumkit-map and hit the “open door”-key on my keyboard when somebody opens a door on stage. Etc for walking, sneezing, shooting and so on. Next, I have a sweet setup of loops (about 30 for now) going in one sound channel each, with the volume for that channel MIDI-bound to my M-Audio UC16 knobs, volume up for what needs to be volumed up and right back down again. There goes the faucet, there we have birds chirping, there we have somebody taking a shower. And if I need to set the panning differently for groups of sounds (e.g. something happens in the kitchen on the left at the same time as something in the office to the right), I just use sendtracks and group the sounds, then MIDI-bind the panning devices to faders on my keyboard.

Renoise sure is flexible, y’all! :P


beatslaughter is from berlin, afaik.
for how long do you stay?
and good luck for your play!

(that ugly rhyme is not intentional)

I would chip in and say ‘why dont you just use a sampler to do all that’, but then I remembered something…

I have never ever ever crashed Renoise and it is basically a very very very sexy sampler.


Cheers for the ideas.

I remember actually, I provided the music for a stage play once. It was a few years back and all I had on my (borrowed) laptop was Sound Forge. Haha, well I loaded about 40 .wav files in and numbered them from 1-40. Made them all sit on the screen in tiny windows and pressed start and stop at the right times, all the time whilst riding the master fader on the SHITE mixing desk.

Ghetto-the-f****-out! :)

Hope you like currywurst, then.

Is that a Curry and a Sausage?

That sounds like heaven

yep…it looks simliar to that :

haha, gotta try that one… :P

Well, beatslaughter, come out come out wherever you are!

Currywurst looks quality! I might make something like that tonight. Haha.

Decent sausages are very hard to come by out here though :(

That`s pobably beacuse most of the people there fancy for globefish…every motuthful could be your last…porbably something you won´t habve to worry about concerning currywurst, but if I have a look at germanys latest meat scandals…?!

Beatslaughter sent me a nice mail saying he didn’t have time to show me around, but gave me a good tip or two. But now it seems it’s me who don’t have time to do jack but work, hehe… :P

Tried a crappy currywurst today, but will follow a recommendation by him about some stand that’s actually nearby one of these days. Surprised myself with some pretty decent cooking, so I might just eat at home in stead.

Anyway, yeah, ghetto wormjar! Hehe, one can always find ways to work with sound on stage, tho I gotta say that working with a laptop, 2 instances of Renoise for loops and sample hits, 2 instances of XMplay for teh tunes, 3 MIDI-devices and a mouse for control (there went all my 5 USB-inputs, had to connect an extra HDD as well, no more space!!), OpenOffice Impress for notes on what’s where on the keys and knobs and faders, notepad for info on what happens next in the play, a nice FireWire-soundcard with a nice volume-knob on and speakers with digital coax in for the sound does the job nicely for me. :D

Now imagine the cables I connect every day… mwaha. Doesn’t take ages at all, but I feel kinda loaded being used to JUST work with the laptop and headset!