Achenar - Nin Remixes

Unwise Roads (The Big ComeDown remix)
Incorporate (Only remix)
Feed Thyself (The Hand That Feeds remix)

All created using only the samples from each song that were given out for free, except for a couple of external Reznor voice samples and a VST for the strings in ‘Incorporate’. Each track is significantly different from the original, yet still retains enough of a feel of the original so as not to be an entirely different song.

These are brilliant. :yeah:

You did this in Renoise? You’ve done a lot of work here… I love it when a remix is a major departure from the original. This shows off a deep field of complex noises and emotions. Well done! :D

mmm NIN :drummer:

Thanks, everything was done in Renoise including the mastering. Hopefully more packs of sound files will be released so I can work on some more. I think I read that the tracks from every single off of the latest album will be released. The latest one was out yesterday, so fingers crossed.