Acid Puppy Sound

Goodevening Renoise!

I made a couple of demos with a kind of sound i was working on last year - thinking of making a re-edit and getting it mastered for a little EP - once i bother -

Dunno where to put it tho… know any good labels for this sort of sound?

Would love to hear some critisism and so forth - cheers

This first one is my absolute Fav. … Sound speaks for it self…


This one a kind of novelty track - i ripd the vox from Bob n Dave - a freakin hillarious show from the 90’ies

Loving the pizzicatto - yeah i know - im a sucker for the theatrical bullshit lol


Yeah, so this last one im going for the comedown-chill-sick tension.

(check for the last part - gets nifty)

Thanks for tuning in!

Interesting work. Compositionslays more in the sphere of sound patterns describing this or that state of being quite well. Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it seems as the unconscious print. All together it sounds very convincing and not speculative at all.

thank you Redpanda.

i like you notion of the “unconscious print” - I’m not completely shure as to what exactly you are referring - but the element of channeling mysterious yet convenient accidents is certainly a great part of these mixes… to cut it short - the groove speaks and demands - we comply and give the the groove what he wants :slight_smile:

All is luck struck on late night steady ill tempered and stubborn sessions