[Acid-Wonk] Stepsequencer Script Based Track

Made this short track a while ago, playing around with two scripts in Renoise, namely:

stepsequencer lauflicht for the beats ( http://tools.renoise.com/tools/step-sequencer-lauflicht ) and
progressor ( http://tools.renoise.com/tools/progressor-0 ) to automatically create chord structures to the 303’ish ‘melody’.

check it out here:


enjoyed this!
so how much work did you actually do :P

Making music is never work mate :wink: , finished within 4 hours of playing around.

Nice beat :) Yeah agree making music is more fun and play then work ;)

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It’s nice to see Progressor in action! I hope you enjoy it. Nice track, nice micro-sounds like ants or ladybugs in grass and progressor generated chords are clouds on the sky… And some insect yawns at 1:55, lovely track…

Cheers m8! Keep it up creating great tools like this one :drummer: