[acoustic] Pixy Flavors

I hope you like tango/rumba style classic a la Piazzolla.
A pity i don’t have more powerful Bandoneon samples.

I’ll reupload once i have a solution for the clicks and pops during the tempo changes at the end. For now i have only one tempo change in the song, but no matter where i stuff the note-off parts, the internal fx of the Sym. Orch. lugin keep clicking.


This is really beautiful vV! I like the composition a lot. The main chord progression in this reminds me a bit of parts of Kate Bush’s “Wow”, especially that minor with the 7th in it.

Didn’t knew about Kate Bush’s “WoW” existing…
She’s a respected artist… I like Tori Amos as well.
The influences though are rather from The Blue Nile “Because of Toledo” regarding the chord progression.
Honestly, i don’t think this is really original, but i know i just like this music anyhow.

I’ve removed the clicks and pops, also nuanced some of the violin parts a bit, raised the warmth level of the contra bass and lowered the power of the tenor-sax.

The last-fm edition has been updated, but is no longer downloadable.

I have a 24-bit FLAC downloadable edition here for the Renoise community:
I will remove the download in a few days.

That’s a really lovely violin + cello combo.

Nice work.