I decided to release the album I did in 2005 for free.

If you want a copy of the actual album, of which I have hundreds of copies left in my closet, Paypal me the shipping costs + $5 and i’ll be more than happy to send it to you. Private message me for the details if this interests you.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the memories.


Hey I still have my copy. Is this your solution to not making new tracks - just release old ones? =)

Your not off the hook, get back in there and write something new! (waiting…)

I actaully have you beat - I’ve made 3 songs in the last few months and have another about half done. Last release I can remember from you was for a compo. Get to work! =)


These are great Conner. Thanks for sharing. Been enjoying the whole album.

Absolute recommendation, this album is KILLA! Beats and bass with balls!

Thanks all. I haven’t had a coherent musical idea since. :(

A few one-offs, but i’ve been hibernating behind a haze of procasturbation for a long time. I’m trying to do something for the Back2You compo, but again, it’s a one-off…

you need some musical laxatives

no, you need to coop. wanna coop?

Wow conner, you can’t decline botb’s offer…

do it!

and wow thx for the album!! I’ll comment it once I’ve heard it a few times…

You are a really nice guy.

First song: Awesome, I love how the pad and the bass simply work together. I think the breakdown at 1ish minute is just a tad too long… maybe I would appreciate it if I understood what he’s saying ;) … That squarish synth (or is it a sine… I’m confused) at 2min is bogdanly cool. I really like that song.

Second song: nice transition between the 2 songs… I couldn’t notice it at first. I don’t know why… I like it… it fits perfectly. Nice little melody here… it fits with the panning sound FX… it’s great. The break is smooth… I like that. this is inspiring.

Third song: yeah! Starcraft samples! I don’t really like the introduction of this song… I don’t know… it’s just not my type… but then… I really like how the break sound… the last 2 minutes of the song are the best in my opinion.

Forth song: It gets seriously awesome at 2minutes with the rapper and that cool break and bass… I like the fact that the rap part in the song only start after the 2 first minutes… which gives an introduction feeling to these 2 first minutes… that’s very interesting.

Fifth song: yah some more Starcraft! hehe… I don’t know why but this one reminds me of Ghislain Poirier’s early stuff… but a bit more breaky of course.

Sixth song: I don’t have much to say… it simply is nice… nice break. I like the cymbal sound.

Seventh song: This one feel a bit like Bogdan… it’s short and sweet.

Eighth song: Nice pad here… nice break too… as usual… This is the type of music I like to listen to when I chill with friends… nice brekdown at 2m40ish It’s so random but it fits so well… I have trouble to do this kind of stuff in my tracks… it’s very well made in yours… I love it.

Ninth song: The big one, the big kick ass track of the album… I like how you start it with a sound that was earlier in the album… in the fifth song I think. Nice intro… and then there’s a out of topic breakdown… and we go back to the track at 1m30ish… with some kind of raggae feel… a bit how Ghislain Poirier would have done it… this is great… It’s 6min29s but you constantly introduce new elements… this song… I also like how you reuse elements used at the beginning of the track… not that you are a genius for doing so… but you do it well… it nicely ends the track

the last track… I’m sure I heard that somewhere before… was it board of canada? or Christ… maybe Berestez… I don’t know… anyway… if it’s you… you could have done a whole track with that theme… it would have been fun… but I like how you used it as an outro.

Very interesting album, thanks a lot for sharing!

my favorite tracks are the first, second, fifth and the ninth… what are yours?

JBL: Wow, thanks for the review.

BOTB: A collaboration would be cool, but I honestly don’t have any time right now, I will hit you up on that offer in a few months though.

I’m thinking PFD in the public domain is in order… Check back in a few hours.

PFD, circa 1997 / 1998:
ACPIMCD001 + Unreleased Demo

I’m half of this duo that some of you may recognize from the first two MAZ Sound Compilations. Or maybe you already have these albums buried deep in your MP3 collection from a decade when only the nerdly roamed free?

For me, Aloha!, Tout, and Not Plug have stood the test of time.

The rest, aged like nasty whiskey?


Niiiice thank you very much!

Basement Wigger - ACPIMCD002 - Liberated By The People’s MP3 Army

Page updated, one last time, one last bump.

I have a shitload of these taking up way too much room in my apartment. If you like what you hear please consider donating and I’ll send you a CD, freeing up some financial regret in the process.


It’s a few months later now, wanna coop yet?

Haha, hit me up in October. I’m very interested but I need to finish my PHP stuff first. Taking a lot longer than I originally planned. The band will be called


Argh, October?! God knows what I’ll be up to in October.
Oh well, time will tell… good luck with the band tho!

Look at my [renoise] group name. Trust me, you’ll want to wait :)

DISCLAIMER: I said wait, not october. The two are unrelated.

“Guruh Motha Fakka is Levitating and Knows Everything About Renoise Member”
Group: Alpha Testers

This is very appealing.

Okay, I wait. Impatiently as ever now.

great tracks conner :D