acquiring drum samples?

Hello I am interested in making breakcore type music

and i’ve been watching this video

the guy in the video doesn’t mention how to acquire

drum samples as in the individual drum notes

like the kick, snare and what not

My question is how do you acquire these individual samples

I have a break off a record that I downloaded now my only question

is how can I slice this up and use it in renoise?

In case you haven’t already, check:

To slice up a break sample so you can use the individual hits:

  1. Load the sample.

  2. Find the Waveform section in the Sampler tab.

  3. Automatically or manually slice up the sample.

3a. To automatically slice a sample click the button to the right of the button that says Slice.

3b. To manually slice a sample click the Slice button and then slice the sample. You might want to set Snap to 0 Crossing or turn it off.

Note how each slice gets its own key in the key-map.

Try set Looping to off before you slice if you don’t want all slices to loop.