Activate/deactivate Dsp Chain

Is it possible to enable/disable whole efect chain just by one simple command (pattern command?) I know it is possible to activate/deactivate DSPs individually, but when I’ve got a chain of 10+ devices it’s annoying because I need to use many columns if I want to deactivate them all in one specific moment…
Example: I’ve got a some nice souding lead, so I use this at a song, and at one point I want it to sound different (let’s say for some break) so I design some complex effect chain for that - now in this moment I want some easy on/off control for whole chain. How to do it?

Hmm, I haven’t stumbled upon such a thing yet. But I would approach that with send-tracks and a send device. You can choose the send device destination using an fx command.

I wrote a little script to do this for the first 8 efx (since can only have 8 effect columns on first row.
It’s in Paketti .