Add Pattern Names To Rendered File Names

When rendering to disk with the Save each pattern into a separate file option enabled, you end up with file names such as Song_Seq01.wav, Song_Seq02.wav, Song_Seq03.wav, etc. Anyone else think it might be nice/useful if a pattern’s name (assuming you used the name slot) would also appear somewhere in the file name (e.g., Song_Seq01_Verse_1A.wav, Song_Seq15_Breakdown_7.wav, Song_Seq06_Fill_2.wav, etc.)?

Yes, that would be nice. +1

Something similar: Generate folders for tracks/patterns. (Radio buttons, because it doesn’t make much sense to have both at the same time)

is this a new feature? i’ve been wanting this for a long time… don’t tell me it was there all this while! :>>>

edit: ah, ok. not the same thing that i was thinking of: nevermind (=


this has been on my long list of renoise suggestions for some time ;0

this gets my +1 too