Add Saved Dsp Chain To Existing Chain

I would like to be able to load a saved DSP Chain into a channel that allready has one or more effects. Currently when I try to add a saved DSP Chain to a channel which has effects, all the former effects gets replaced by the loaded DSP Chain.

If I for example has a Bassdrum channel with a ‘sidekick’ instance and want to add my saved DSP Chain “Kick Phattener”… the sidekick instance is lost and I have to add a new instance and do all settings all over again. This is offcourse more boring the more effects a channel “loses”.

The workaround is to load the saved DSP Chain into an empty channel and then move the effects to the desired channel but it doesn’t feel very streamlined.

Would be nice if there was an option of which behaviour to use, or right clicking the saved chain and chose ‘add chain to existing’.

+1 chain

a big +1


Actually it would be nice to have the ability to select a group of DSP’s in a chain to cut/copy, and being able to paste to wherever in an existing chain (by holding down ctrl or shift maybe).

@butka: using send tracks would be useful for now.

This has been on board like million times. Two thumbs up!

Would a right click or Control click for extended import options (as we have it for samples & MIDI files) be OK, or would that be too hidden/ninja?

Would work perfectly fine for me. :)

Hidden ninjas are fun

would work fine here too,love ninjas

I would rather have the more logical ‘addition of chain to existing chain’ as default, and 'old ‘replace chain with new chain’ underneath a right click or control combo :slight_smile: Anywho, big +1

Makes a lot of sense because in 99 times out of 100 I want to add rather than replace ^_^

Well, depends on how you use the saved DSP chains. Either as presets (replace) or like a new device (add).

Guess most people want to click through available DSP chains (without manually deleting the chains in between), so the default should stay replace IMHO. The new device (add) approach assumes that you exactly know what you are adding there…

That’s also true. Didn’t think of it that way at all. Then the best way should be to have an optional load (+control or rightclick) like you suggested in the first place.

Most people have many types of effect plugins in the chain at once so they propably won’t want to replace their generic production/sound enchantment plugins just to load a specific effect. So how about coupling this with ability to select multiple DSP’s at once so that loading a chain will replace only the selected DSP plugins and load new plugins as already marked for selection? And without selection perform the default operation?

I would also like the add thing as default.