Add The Presets Thats Posted On The Forum

when 2,1 came out someone from the DEV team asked for presets,i shared some and other people did too,why dont include them in the final release?

New presets are definately welcome, also for the new stutter and cabinet devices and ofcourse the signal follower device…
The latter case is however a bit trickier as you usually need more than one track to link the stuff to.

the presets tht was posted in the forums for the 2,1 release should be included in the final release,thats what i meant

Sorry if we’ve overlooked them. Are those presets still available some where?

I have supplied a bunch of interument presets to Taktik too
I just assumed they had other things on their minds with this release
I’m sure they will get round to it ;)


just tried searching the forum for them,but cant find them,but i think i got atleast some of them on my other harddrive,will see if i can find them,and send them to taktik.

there should be some quality control, not simply add everything posted imo…

not saying the presets posted are shit, dunno…haven’t tried them :)

well if i send them to taktik,he can add the presets he think are usefull,and thrash the rest :D

heres some presets,right now only for the compressor and eq10(will find the others on my other computer this weekend)

i have also sent these to taktik,he said i should share so heres a link…se_presets.html