Add Track To The Right Please :)

when pressing CTRL-T (adding a track) it will place itself to the left of the track you are in. could we please have this reversed… because EVERYTIME i add a track i have to manually move it to the end. this is getting a bit boring :)


a BIT boring? who came up with the idea to place it to the left in the first place.
either make it place the new track to the right, or finish it by making the down arrow key make the pattern go up instead of down and vice versa ;)

CTRL-SHIFT-T for one of them, if that’s not taken?

yes! as long as i can insert/add another track and it will show up as my last track (because, often times that is where i want it)… as of now, it is simply impossible (afaik) to add a track to the end of the track sequence.


I don’t know if this helps, but you could always keep an empty track last, and then use the duplicate track function (ctrl+D)
If you can tolerate odd tracknames that is :P

Well, when adding tracks always to the right, you wont be able to insert a new track at the start of the sequence. As you can drag the tracks, this is really not a big deal, isn’t it?
If it is, lets add a new “Add Track” command…

Comeon, you got drag and drop, you can always drag the track to the right if you desire and this situation counts if you want to add a track after the most right track.
In any other case you can just insert on the track you want it to be left of.

yes 95% of the time i want to add a track in the end of the track sequence. i just dont see the advantage of inserting to the left?? honestly, this is no big deal, i just dont understand why this feature has been chose to work the way it is. in the earlier versions of renoise, tracks WERE added to the end of the tracks… however, you changed it after drag/drop was implemented. perhaps there is a reason for this from a programmers point of view, however, for the musician this seems pointless.


Well i understand your point in some way, i personally don’t mind because if i want a track added i add a track and automatically shift tracks if i don’t like the order anyway.

I vote for add track instead of insert - or it would be nice if you could just “order” your tracks like you can in sequencer which would end in renaming tracks to track 01, track 02 … track xx

often due to “insert” track my rns looks like - track 00 track 01 track 17 track 02 track 09 track 10 track 03 track 04 track 05 … etc, it’s not really important but annoying sometimes.

I vote for making it an option in the config that allows you to chose which you want… right or left! :D

Yes, I also prefer this method.

I think that’s the best idea.

It’s not really good form to tack on new commands which would just clutter the menus and keycommands. I think it’s better to simply make it an option.

This behavior sort of pissed me off when it was first introduced, but I have since gotten used to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wohoo! I had a good idea! :D

obviously, this would be an excellent feature :) does seem like a lot of work for a small detail… i dont want to sound like a cry baby… but basically… in a PERFECT piece of software, this is the only thing that annoys me hehe :)