Adding Automation Late In A Song

I’m beginning to love using envelopes.

My question is: When I add an envelope to a pattern late in a song it seems that in all the patterns before it the static effect values get set to zero (or aren’t working, can’t tell). Are envelopes an “all or nothing” situation where if I use an envelope in one pattern I’ll need to edit the envelope in all the other patterns rather that the effect reverting to my previously set state? ( :rolleyes: that was way to wordy)

Hope that made sense. Thx.

When you have patterns without automation, the value will stay where it was last set at, so just move to the first pattern, and double click the value you want to automate later in the song - do that first though, before adding the actual automation. That way you can be sure there are no flukes.

Excellent! I did figure out that I need to pay more attention to the first and last points in each of them.

What I end up doing most of the time, tho quite cumbersome, is to initialize all the plugins/vsti automation parameters in the first pattern of the song…(plugins from whom I expect or know I’m gonna automate them somewhere anyway)
This to prevent f****ups where a song is saved and it doesn’t sound like I intended it to sound.

There should be made a workaround, otherwise you’ll be clicking for ages in the automation editor. Shifting focus to the automation editor & by using the arrows + pressing enter on your keyboard help speed up the initializing of the values…but unfortunately you can’t select multiple parameters and click them all at the same time (hint for Renoise 2)

Whats also really annoying is the fact that you can’t temporarily mute ( disable ) an automated event in the envelope editor …You can only disable the automation device ( and all parameters ) …

I so wish for some sort of automation snapshot button. The way I imagine it: click that snapshot button and have all the current parameter values set as automation points at the current position. That would make my day, really. No, make that “my year”! :)