Adding Dsp-chains

I think I have said this before, maybe.

I would like to be able to add DSP chains to the track instead of always replacing all of my DSPs.

Like you mean:insert at current position or paste behind existing chain… right?

i think he’s talking about the
- “copy”, “paste” & “init” functions, whereas “paste” always overwrites already present chains (if available) with what the DSP chain buffer contains.
he want’s the function to append the buffered chain to a possibly present chain, if i got everything right.

Here si what I want.
I goto dikop and load saved DSPchain. It overwrites everything that is in current track.
I want to be able to load DSPs wothout destroying everything there is before I load it up. It won’t even have to be a chain! I want to be able to load saved DSPs to the track in non-destructive way.
I don’t think it would be possible to add between a DSP machines, the focus-thing is still missing, right?

e:Keith’s point is almost the same. I really don’t use much the advanced edit, it’s so unintuitive. There sould be shortcuts for all these functions (or is there?). I didn’t even know there was this copy-paste-init dsps there.

further e:Main use of this would be to save pre-mapped VST automation and midiCC devices. So what about making it so that if saved DSPchain contains only meta devices, or only one meta device, loading it would add to instead of replace the current DSP of the track.