Adding Effects To A Certain Frequency Band

I want to know how I can add effects to just the highend. Does anyone know how I can do this in renoise? :rolleyes:

  1. Add a send (set to to Keep source)

  2. go to the send track and add a filter 3 effect with a hipass selected.

  3. put the fx after the filter.

Just to be clear, the method above will not simply add an FX to the high end, it will add an FX to a duplicate of the high end, as well as maintaining the original high end. To add an FX to just the high end, you need to do a send as described above, then after the send in the DSP chain add a lo pass filter with the same cut-off frequency as the high pass filter to remove the original high end.

Ahhh thanks! I really appreciate ur hellppp :D