Adding Themes?

i was wondering if you guys where still wanting themes?
i modified the lz_greyblue.xml
to have a camo texture with a white background
i did alot of customizing to it with different shades of light & rich light blue
so my renoise basically looks like a arctik military interface with snow camo
i want to find some decent circuit tiles that i could use too for it

anyone want it?


maybe you can send it to Then he can add it to the next release.

and since I did the original theme, send it to me too ! ajoscht(at) :D

would it be best to compress the whole skin directory with just the files for the theme?

oh yeah since is it generally bright white i did spend some time making sure everything shows up- so far i havent found anything that doesnt but there might be 1 or 2 things that dont, but like i said i did spend some time on it making sure everytthing was right.
so i named it: