Adding Vst Effects On To External Audio In Realtime

Checked everywhere I could, but couldn’t see if this was available on the program or answered on the forums.

Can I play an external synthesiser (say Virus) and route it into Renoise (via analogue-inputs on ASIO soundcard) to apply VST effects in realtime, as I’m playing the Virus?

Basically using Renoise as a near realtime multi-effects processor.

Maybe assigning something like Track 1 to “listen” to the analogue-input 1 from the soundcard, and apply effects to that track/input.

Obviously latency would be involved (as low as 1.5ms @ 64-sample buffer), but I digress.




Yes, It is.

Just add a Line-In device in any track. And there you go.

Ahhhh my, good Goddd! You don’t know how happy this has just made me!!!

I’m literally bouncing off the walls here! :w00t:

Works a treat, absolutely kick ass. Really neatly executed!

CHeers!! :lol:

It gets even beter!
I use it to route my inputs to different outputs (with analog effects) so I can use Renoise as one large send bus and apply internal effects in the process… :D

And don’t worry about latency, you must have really good ears to hear it…