Additional Record Modes And Conditions

Hi there,

It would be great if Renoise had some additional record modes.

As an example I’ll use the record modes of the yamaha v50 workstation I used to create my songs on.

  • In Realtime recording mode you could choose 2 conditions:
    Replace (replace the previous recorded measures)
    Overdub (add to the previous recorded measures)

  • Punch-in recording mode allowed you to re-record only a specified measure or measures using realtime recording.
    You specified the playback position and the beginning (in) and end (out) of the measures to be re-recorded.
    Next you would press play and the sequencer would go to record mode when between the in & out points.


Would personally find the replace feature you mention useful!

Well, you can record each track seperately and you can use a mastering tool to do that kind of stuff because that is what you are aiming at:mastering and addition of live performance.
It is not something you really can expect from a tracker.

It would be cool if it could do so however… but it’s a hard feature to code as i understand the programmers so don’t expect it soon to come.

As I understood the suggestion I think the record modes are meant for pattern editing and not wav rendering options. Thats where my vote is anyway B)

Some way of Solo/Mute instruments would have fixed this.