Adjust The New Empty Patterns Length

Hi! I’d like to suggest one feature if it isn’t implemented in some other way I don’t know.

It is to adjust the new empty patterns length to the previous pattern length, and to add an entry to the popup menu to adjust the length of a selection of patterns.

It occurred to me because, normally I make a sort beat, 2 or 4 patterns, and later I expand it to 24 or 32 patterns, just by repeating the first ones, and when the first ones are 32 lines, as I have by default 64 lines, I have to adjust one by one the new copied patterns.

thanks ;)

A +1 for the suggestion (It has been requested a couple of times though)

You can also clone existing patterns. If you change the size of an empty pattern and clone it a couple of times first, you have generated empty patterns with the same size.

not to take anything away from the suggestion, which is a good one and i’d like to see it as well, but i think this would be scriptable. so that would at least be a (temporary) solution.


Sure it could be scripted (with quite a few notifier workarounds for not making it bug), but I think this is a fundamental that imo should be native in preferences and available to all users. I didn’t even know that default pattern length was fixed to 64.

It isn’t. You can change it in the Song Settings panel.

Oh. Thanks.

It wasn’t clear to me exactly what he meant, I guess.