Adjusting The Pitch Of A 'retriggered' Sample?

Is it possible to continuously alter the pitch of a sample that is being retriggered on each consecutive row?

Altering the pitch of a sample while it is playing ‘normally’ is straight forward using the pitch slide codes… but i havent been able to figure out how to achieve a noticeable pitch slide while the sample is continuosly being retriggered (because it reverts to the original pitch each time it retriggers i think).

any help greatly appreciated!

no one?

even a confirmation that it’s not possible would be helpful…

sorry I didn’t notice your post.

what you ask cannot be done properly: as you said, the retrig command resets the ptich to the exact note.

the only workaround is to avoid using retrig:
instead of

C-4 E2 104 F106 // at speed 06,

C-4 10C F102 // at speed 02
E-4 10C
G-4 10C

thanks for your help it-alien… ive submitted pitch automation as a feature request.

I’m wondering if any work has been put into this project.

On a related note, what is the use of a very slow retrig value, for example when you’re working with a moderate bpm and lpb (ex. 160 & 4 respectively)?


Sounds almost identical to this:

Also, what is the use of having a very slow volume change applied to a retrig when the retrig itself resets each row? You’re unable to get a slow volume slide down throughout a pattern.

What I’m trying to say is, is retrig not very much more useful when it functions how it does in Impulse Tracker, where the retrig is not reset on each row?

Uggg, this is very hard to explain. I hope someone understands what I’m saying here. I’m just finding that the retrig function in renoise is about 1/4 as useful as it was in a far less advanced program (Impulse Tracker).


i think the same.
this function makes the older ones (IT,mod,s3m,…,bmx) still so attractive imo. you know, more flexible with changes while retriggering.

I don’t understand why


shouldn’t continue what’s on the previous line, the way 0100 and 0200 do. The fact that it doesn’t almost seems like a bug.