Adnoiseam Event In Aalborg Dk


ad noiseam is haven a event in aalborg the 19th of august the lineup is

broken note
karsten pflum
nicolas chevreux

there will be a renoise workshop(with enduser)
and a ableton live workshop (with broken note)

i will be attending,was wondering if anyone else is going?

heres the facebook event page

Take it that would be this.

Enduser workshop on Renoise sounds like it could be interesting. Liked his music for a long time. Believe this is the first thing of his I bought and due to the way his name is printed on it why I often end up saying End User, whereas everybody else pronounces it EnDucer.

Say hi to Tommy for me if you go to the Ableton workshop. ;)

i know im going,i just dont know if im going to the enduser workshop or the broken note workshop,i dont use ableton live,but broken note is more my kind of thing right now,and is closer to the style i started producing

Didn’t notice the talk and workshops were all taking place at the same time when I first looked. Thanks a shame.

I always thought you were more breakcore and would thus be more on the Enduser tip but have to admit it’s been a long time since I’ve seen through the Songs section on here. Need to go through it on a mass download session at some point soon…

From listening to your latest three tracks I can see where you’re coming from though. Have to say I’ve found Tommy a little cagey in the past when I’ve asked him what he uses and his techniques (a lot of real instruments and outboard effect, tinkering around and seeing where it goes) and I don’t know of that’s because he doesn’t really have a particular approach or is worried of giving away his secrets. Made me a little surprised to see he was doing this to be honest… Gonna ask him about it when I next see him anyway ;)

ive been a little bored of breakcore lately,and in DrumStep i can unite the stuff i love from breakcore with the stuff i love from dubstep into some nasty noise:)
so thats the direction im going with my music for now,i have never seen both end:user or broken note before so it will be awesome to finally be able to hang with also only going because its sooo close to the city im in

Nicolas from Ad Noiseam here. Thanks for this post. Here are a few more details about the workshops:

Music production workshops:
Broken Note - 17.45
Enduser - 18.30 <- Renoise
Karsten Pflum - 19.15

Q&A about the indie music business:
Nicolas Chevreux - 20.00

These talks are taking place one after the other, so you can attend them all. They’re taking place at Platform4, where the live sets will follow a few others later.

And finally, something for the eyes:

I want to go :(

Try to. After all, Aalborg is not so far from the Netherlands.

If you also missed the Dutch edition of the 10 Years Ad Noiseam birthday series, I guess your closest call might be the one in Gent (Belgium) on October 28th, whose line-up is pretty nice as well. :)

Hehe, I’ve seen Bong-Ra, Enduser, Sickboy and Hidden a lot closer to home :lol:
I think my time will come once again with a little patience.

see you in a couple of hours gonna be a blast

thanks to all the guys from Ad noiseam and the staff at platform4

had a amazing night in aalborg,awesome guys awesome music awesome night

thanks hope to see you all soon again :drummer:

Any videos of the workshop?