Advanced Edit

I miss some abilities in adv edit, so I started thinking about how those could be implemented.

If the select section & content mask becomes a dropdown meny, it would make space beneath for two options that could be added to the content mask.

Apply only too:

(X)Selected patterns

(X)None muted tracks: <-this could also be a dropdown meny, that switches between.
None muted tracks, and muted tracks.

So instead of adding several new masks, like:

*Song without muted tracks
*Pattern without muted tracks.
*Sequencer selection without muted tracks.
*Sequencer selection
*Track in selected patterns.

Two checkboxes would do.

Ofcourse I would also like to see a wrap/scroll function…

Good idea splajn. One thing I miss is “column in song”.

And also get thos buttons hooked up to keystrokes. All that clicking makes jack a dull boy.

Nice ideas splajn, particiularly think the applying of commands to muted and unmuted tracks would be a very powerful tool!