Advanced Editor In Pattern Editor: How To Apply Changes To Multiple Tr

I have 5 tracks containing different instruments (piano, bass, guitar) and I need to transpose all those tracks 1 tone in the whole song, but of course I don’t want to transpose other tracks containing the drum.

So I go to any pattern, make a selection containing all the tracks I want to transpose and go to “Advanced Edit” in which I expected an option like “Selected Tracks in Whole Song”, but it does not exist :(

So, how can I achieve it without having to apply the transpose to every instrument tracks in a separate way?

Thanks a lot.

Neither I want to transpose the instruments/samples in the Instrument Settings.

Wouldn’t it have been quicker to press the transpose button and change track 5 times than it would of been to make this post?

Selection in Whole Song and Selection Block in Selected Patterns I think are a bit too specialist and possibly even confusing to expect in vanilla Renoise. Feel free to write a script if you think there is a strong need for them though.

If I want to try a real voice in realtime and need to test different song tuning, I do need a way to quickly transpose those 5 tracks at the same time, because I don’t know which note I want until I find it.

Select the five tracks, render to sample and then simply strike a different note on the keyboard to play the sample in a different offset… the higher you go, the quicker you need to sing unfortunately :P

This is possible in Renoise 2.8.0 by using a Group of tracks in the pattern editor, so the changes are applied to the “Group in Song”. Great!