Advanced Sequencer.

hi there… im new in Renoise.
But im working long time ago in Sound BUsiness.

so i only one thing missed inside Renoise 2.0b1

Pattern arrranger, sequencer.

the only way to create my music is every pattern has the clips i want…
what i mean

now only one line seqencer available:
00. 01

  1. 01
  2. 02
  3. 02
  4. 02

this is not so complex and we need to copy and paste or duplicate lots of things inside of a pattern
this way has the power of construction

00. BASS - 01 / DRUMS 00 / HIHATS 00 / etc

  1. BASS - 02 / DRUMS 01 / HIHATS 00 /
  2. BASS - 01 / DRUMS 01 / HIHATS 00 /
  3. BASS - 02 / DRUMS 02 / HIHATS 00 /
  4. BASS - 01 / DRUMS 01 / HIHATS 00 / etc

U can variable what you like and more simply sequencing.

I know it is not a small work and little feature
But if Renoise sometime get this New Sequencer that is gonna Rock or Shock the music scene

What do you thik about this.? Coz every DAW SOft work like this. And Renoise is More Powerfull then ever and this is the only one feature that i remind me it is a Tracker…

:) it is a tracker becouse it was ment to be a tracker, that why most of us like renoise…

indeed this is not a little feature so, since the beta suggestions forum is intended to collect beta related suggestions, I will move the topic to the standard suggestions forum.

that said, your idea has been suggested lots of times, but unfortunately has a big drawback, that is: not everyone make 4/4 dance music, so such an arranger would close the doors to anyone making different music and turn a tracker into a mainstream sequencer.

I don’t get either of these replies… there are trackers who had that, one of them was Buzz… and 4/4 dance music - huh?

It would rock for roughly sketching a song, and it probably could be implemented to be completely optional, too.

well i feel comfortable making non 4/4 dance music with trackers…

limitations always brings up your creativity.

funny to see how points of view can differ: I actually feel that kind of “arranger” as the most limiting feature BUZZ has.

How so? The way I imagine it it would allow one to quickly reuse snippets and see which parts have been tweaked (made unique) yet, while being totally invisible to those who don’t want to use it… that surely wouldn’t be limiting :lol:

i undertand …

is there a way to visualize long audio files (vocal,gitar) in tracks?!

Audio Track like in FLStudio… :panic:

anything optional is not limiting at all, of course: still, a feature like that is limiting for those who don’t reuse the same notes over and over (or at least add modifications to note properties at each reuse): I didn’t say that such a feature would limit me even if it is optional: I’m saying that in BUZZ, where it is not optional, is limiting.

no, there is not. It’s a quite asked feature, however, so there are chances that it will added in future versions, expecially because, recently, new recording features have been introduced in Renoise (f.e.: LineIn Device) which encourage users to use long samples.

by the way, hotelsinus, I reckon that probably my first message has been a bit too rough, sorry for that.

by It-Alien in 2005:

honest, you never tried it right?! i mean a week or so.

i dont explain anything here just want to say that a few things you’ve said regarding buzz are not true.

sorry for being a bit touchy. ^_^

I did try BUZZ when it was “the next big thing” (1998) and continued to try it until 2001, when Renoise came. I tested it deeply, liked it for lots of aspects, hated it for many others.

I know BUZZ is being coded again now, and I have not tried it yet, as it crashed on startup when I tried it.
I am sincerely more than happy about BUZZ returning into the scene: the more trackers, the better, as everyone could then find the best tool for him, and Renoise will not be expected to fulfil everyone’s needs: at this time, it seems like everyone is pulling taktik’s shirt in order to convince him to drag Renoise towards his own idea of tracker, me included, and that’s bad.

thx for answering.
as for the second part: im fully with you on that.
(not perforce bad but it needs more time to keep an overview)

not rough :D and not problem. :P