Advanced Sidechain Simulation

Usage of LFOs to simulate a sidechain has some important benefits, compared to the Signal Follower method. However, the biggest minus with the common, simple setup is, you’re bound to a fixed amount of signal suppression, no matter how hard or less hard the trigger hits.

Have you ever tried to make your triggered LFO for sidechain simulation velocity sensitive? Actually sounds like a pretty simple task, but in fact it’s a bit tricky, to do it right. There are basicly two ways to achieve, what we’re looking for:

  1. In the first example an additional Velocity Tracker triggers a Hydra, which takes care of the right LFO setting for any velocity.

Download #1 Hydra

  1. In the second example a Formula Device is triggered by the LFO and an additional Velocity Tracker, to calculate the proper surpression amount on the fly.

Download #2 Formula

In both examples the devices trigger a seperate Gainer (max. @ 0dB), so you’re still able use your volume in and out faders without a change.