Advanced Vsti Support (MIDI IO)

Some VSTi instruments have limited functionality when controlled by standard events (CanDo(‘receiveVstEvents’)), which are currently only supported in Renoise.

It would be nice to have some method to access such instruments through MIDI events (CanDo(‘receiveVstMidiEvent’)).

One solution would be to add ‘virtual MIDI device’ for every VSTi instrument that supports ‘receiveVstMidiEvent’. It could be possible then to use these instruments through standard Renoise MIDI instrument. Perhaps there are better solutions, but this seems to be quite easy to implement.

Example of such instrument is Yamaha S-YXG50, which provides VSTi interface to XG-conformant soft-synthesizer. In ‘standard events’ mode it is impossible to select patch and thus the only instrument available is Grand Piano. I think there are more examples.