Adventures In Babysitting .xrns

[i]By MickRip, Syflom, and Conner_Bw

This is what I guess is called a hot potato collaboration?

Each of us had 30 minutes, then we’d pass to the next person. Rinse and repeat.

Done in the #renoise channel in about 4 hours.
Renoise 2.0, beta4
October 2008[/i]

Beats drinking alone? Although technically, I was alone?

sweeeeeeettttttt. Love the Scream Filter automation. Athough the breakdown in patt 8 needs to have a lil more umph…but yeah. I likes. great sound! Danm I love RENOISE!!!

Bizarre mash of styles, with one or two moments really tickling my ears… Needs polish and edit, but who said potatoes had to look beautiful?

The song grew on me. It’s a got a sweet little demoscene 8-bit vibe going on. Sloppy, but fun.

It kind of reminds me of the C64 soundtrack for the game Giana Sisters

I like the Hot Potato style of collaboration. A few kinks to work out, but i’d like to try again next weekend with whoever I find in IRC at the time. Songs get done! The Hot Potato metaphor also works in a “I don’t have to take ownership of this disaster” way. Like you want to get rid of it as fast as possible. It let’s you fall back on the formulaic and highlights your weaknesses when compared to other people working in the same time frame as you. Good training. Good way to learn to not take yourself so seriously.

Big thanks to MickRip who provided the backbone for the tune, all the while simultaneously working on his Beta4 Battle tune. How he works so fast is still a mystery?!

Big thanks to Syfloam who was able to bring his style, for which I am a fan. It forced the tune to veer and provided a lot of elements which save it, because I’m the guy who won’t listen to a tune without elements of experimental and self-referential jokes.

Good vibe overall IMHO.