Advice On Buying A Mixer

I am wanting to get more into using hardware synths as well as experiment with routing synths from my computer into an amp and then recording them back in… so I am going to need to get a mixer. The one Ive been looking at is the allen and heath ZED 10 FX. I am curious as to what everyone thinks of this as a choice? Is the mixer the way to go vs a control surface of interface?

Any advice would be really great.


do you have an interface? I would buy that first. a mixer could simplify things, depending on what you wanna do exactly. but what you describe I think you can do with just an interface?

You can have a look at the Mackie 1402 VLZ series. Great sound, very reliable. Have mine since over 10 years.

I use this Behringer monster (an SX2442FX); probably a bit excessive for home use but I’ve got a few other Behringer bits and bobs and they strike a nice balance between price and quality – this one’s been on the road with me for a while now, and while it’s predominantly used for live work I also use it at home whenever I want to use actual instruments. They do a few models with USB connectivity that would probably cover all your bases…