Advice please - Lots of hardware synths midi sequenced/controlled via

Hi all -

I’m not new to Renoise, and am ancient in terms of tracking - but…

I’ve always used tracking purely for sample based tracks, and currently - Ableton and Push 2 for everything else.

I have a lot of hardware synths and have several setups, with and without computers as part of them.

I am looking to add Renoise as the main midi sequencer in a previous hardware only setup.

Some info on what I have and what I am trying to do :

  • all synths and drum machines etc route audio to a mixing desk, so I don’t need audio returns back in to Renoise

  • I am using a single set of midi channels 1-16 out of Renoise, and back in

  • There’s about 8 synths I want to be able to send midi and receive midi for using Renoise

  • I want to know which devices I need to be able setup midi CC/NRPN mappings for each synth

  • Each synth will be on its own Renoise channel in a template, and I’d like each channel to have a midi mapping setup for the important midi parameters for each synth ( I don’t mind diving midi implementation charts and setting stuff up, but being able to dump controllers to Renoise would be good)

  • The synths I’m aiming to control in this little setup (in channel order from 1-16) are Yamaha RM1x(1-8), Novation Ultranova(9), MI Shruthi 4PM(10), MI Shruthi yellow magic(11), MI Shruthi mkII(12), Korg Volca Keys(13), Korg Volca Bass(14), Yamaha TX81Z(15), Roland System-1(16)

So - the goal is to have a Renoise template, with each channel containing a single midi channel, and a midi control device setup(cc mappings, patch changes etc).

I’ve only recently come back to Renoise and have an Ableton Push 2 and launchpad mini that I use in Ableton a lot. Is it possible to integrate these with Renoise at all? I usually do pretty much everything via the Push 2 on a larger synth setup, but it would be good if I could use the Push in Renoise, even if it is just for entering midi notes.

So - lots of questions, sorry! But I hope someone can help with at least bits of it :slight_smile:



If you want to control al 8 synths over 1 midi cable ( 16 chan) , the best way is to get a midi thru ( splitter ).

A midi thru is better in handling jitter/lag than using theregular mdi thru 's on your synth .

Set each device on its receiving channel .

As far as I know , kenton only provides 5 thru channels , midi solutions offer an 8 thru .

edit , I see that you want to control the first 8 channels of your rm1x .

So …midi out renoise —> midi in of the thru box

Midi thru of thru box -----> to all selected sytnth with appropriate midi channels selected .

-midi thru 1 —>rmx receives on 1…8

-midi thru 2—>…novation ultranova ch 9

-midi thru 3—>shruthi ch 10

-midi thru 4—>etc…


It’s better to disregard the thru of the rmx or any other sytnh because this degrades the signal significantly .

The midi thru just splits all incoming midi data to it’s thru ports …so every thru port send out 16 channels