Aeon Flux [breakcore]

i’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so here it is finally. do labels ever browse these forums? (i am beyond broke)

I dont think breakcore or being signed to a label can help you at that much financially atm. The scene is to small, gigging can generate some dollars or at least free beer and a good time…better of making trance or other more commercial music if you wanna buy bread :)

Liked your tune btw, reminiscent of Aphex Druqks…

haha trance still exists? I added you guys on myspace under the name “explodyheart” . thanks for the feedback, much respect :) i really liked the tunes.
good call on the druqks ha

seriously… this is just the kinda shit I want to hear when I go out
very fookin funky breaks man, this is the stuff I love to dance to!

could use a little more variation in the second half, perhaps even
a simple 909 could do the trick… imho the last bit needs more spice.

keep it up! do you have more tracks somewhere?


btw: i like your pgrlfuk (remix) much more!
found at that site:

thanks for sharing.

haha thanks guys. besides here and (thank you engine ;)
i have some random stuff up on which is usually just my songs with vocals but i’ve been putting random stuff there lately. (so that’s also me on anonomogon as explodyheart)

as for this track, some changes will def be made for the album cut…
that is of course, if using these samples is legal. anybody know about this??

it’s not legal… had the same prob with a destiny’s child remix…
however, deform the voice beyond recognition and you can get away with it

great tunes! :) can you upload your “pgrlfuk”? :rolleyes: lovin it!

You certainly know what you’re doing, man :walkman: :drummer:
Hope you get signed


thanks for the support patto (and for that link ;) )

so i guess these won’t be on any albums but i’ll definitely mix, master,
and add some stuff at some point soon.

yeah, very nice stuff man! this gets chucked on the ipod! : ))

dude, you should just try and send some demos around.
what can you lose? a few bucks on postal services, that’s what!
I’m sure there are people out there wanting this on vinyl.

excellent stuff!..

too weird the scene is small coz inhere are ninja skillz…
i dance and do weird movements on stuff like diz. :)

keep trackin.


This track is currently kicking my ass.

Well, mine already came off! :)

yo if you like that beat check out my friend a-bot
sublight records has some cool new releases also.
i’m kind of a narcoleptic-depressive-home-body so i’ll have some new tracks soon

Yeah, very much looking forward to that Acrnym release!
But man, also looking forward to your next track now. I’m very much
into the Danger Bwoi track right now, hehe. Keep it up, will check
out your mate soon enough.

botb…i forgot to tell you how much i enjoyed all your stuff i’ve heard so far, awesome.
I did some edits and mastering for the final version of this track…it’s on my myspace
…but since their quality sucks i also posted the mp3 here

thanks for listening everybody :) it’s very cool how active these forums are