Aerodrums & a badass synth beast

just had to share this from this years NAMM…

check out this beast! got $20,000, anyone?

and, lol, finally we have airdrums:

Yeah, the idea is nice, but his product is definitely an overpriced piece of diy gear… For that, the camera should really be included and then i still am not going to drop that amount of money on the shelf for a Gig of drum samples and some wacky drumsticks.

true, maybe a bit pricey. however, being a drummer myself, it could be an alternative for silent-practicing in a tight space perhaps, or for some fun studio sessions, but NOT suitable for live gigging and lighted stages (and thank god for that! hehe).
but hmm… even as a practice-tool I suspect one could risk to obtain some f’ed up habits over time. I mean, hitting AIR is quite different from a drum or a cymbal, as the whole natural concept of arm strength/stamina vs. gravity vs. drumhead resistance/bounce won’t be the same at all.

anyway, if the local shop sets up a demo, I definitely want to try it out :)

“Seven filters, huh?” :lol:

Impressive, wonder how heavy that thing is!

Yes you would do your neighbours a big favor. But i suspect they don’t want to share the costs of your pleasure and their silence :P
I do think his solution would suit more of a Playstation 4 / Xbox one kind of game than just only serious practicing though. Being able to do that would just be a mere bonus.