Affecting Vst Latency..


Was just wondering if it was possible to somehow affect the plug-ins delay value that’s calculated by renoise?

I have a Virus TI and it plays a bit after the rest of the song… therefor it would be cool if there was a text file or something to edit so that renoise would calculate more latency for this synth?

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There is no delay-compensation for VST plugins yet. You might be able to fumble with the audio-latency (extending it) in the preferences, but this will ofcourse add delay to the workflow.

You could try this one:

thnx mate :)

…tried that already but sadly it didn’t do the trick…

This may sound dumb for you maybe, but how did you use the plugin? If you route all your tracks, except the one for the Virus TI, into a send track and then put the audio delay plugin on it, it should be possible to delay the audio so that it fits your synth. Putting it on the channel of the Virus won’t work.

Just ignore this if you tried it that way. ;)

hey… man :D:D:D Thanx for making sure :) …I didn’t actually think about doing it that way.

This will definetely make the tracks sync… :):slight_smile:

cool… :guitar: :yeah: